Getting Close And Smooth With a Schick Intuition Razor

The Intuition Razor for women and the Intuition Plus Razor are the best new invention for women who care about having smooth, silky legs, underarms and a bikini area. This product is put out by Schick and costs around $10.00 dollars to $12.00 regular price, though you can find it for less on sale. There are also coupons available in newspapers and magazines. The concept behind this unique razor is that it comes complete with its own skin conditioning solid surrounding the blade. In short it lubricates and moisturizes as you shave. A bartschneider test will be beneficial to know the moistener provided through them. The blades should not cause any harm to the face of the person. The blades should not cut the skin of the face of the boys.

I love my Shick Intuition and I would not give it up for any other razor available at this time. It has been a great discovery for me and many other women. I have used many different types of razors, including my husband’s and countless other women’s razors that have become available and none come close to the Intuition Razor. I have dry skin and the skin conditioning solid that surounds the triple blade softens and moisturizes your skin as you shave. The unique head design also follows the contours of a woman’s anatomy without a constant struggle to keep the skin taunt as shave.

Razors are a necessity to most women and most of us dread the chore of staying hairless and smooth. We tend to use whatever we can find, including our husband’s dull blade, when we happen to notice that we are in need of a shave. We use lotions and potions that guarantee to leave us as soft and smooth as a baby’s behind. After experimentation we find most creams, lotions or razors don’t work and sometimes give us more than we have bargained for in skin break-outs and sometimes even infections.

There are many women’s razors on the market and I have used most of them at one time or another, and the Schick Intuition or Intuition Plus is an amazing product. There are three blades in a cartridge head that is replaceable. The regular Intuition comes with a couple of features that are not available as of yet on the Plus model. One of the features is that the regular Intuition comes in cucumber-melon scent, which I happen to love. There is also a shower hanger on the razor so it can be hung up and dried in the shower between shaves. The skin conditioning cartridge on the regular razor contains Aloe, Cocoa butter and vitamin E. The shaver also comes with a sealed, protective, recloseable tub to store in your bath area.

The Intuition Plus has three blades and a narrow, no slip handle which helps maintain a grip while shaving. Both shavers have pivoting heads to follow a woman’s curves. The Plus’ skin conditioning solid that surrounds the three blades contains a blend of Shea butter, Aloe and Vitamin-E. The Plus is also available in pink or tourqoise. The Plus Intuition comes in either a Moisture Care Pack or Sensitive Care. I like the Sensitive Care as my skin tends to break out easily and is also extremely dry.

All shaver manufacturers recommend wetting the skin completely, letting the skin absorb water for approximately three minutes to plump up the skin, also making the hair stand up straighter and easier to shave. Skin is most sensitive after shaving so it should be left alone to rest for twenty minutes or so before applying any creams, lotions or medications.

The only thing that I find about the Schick Intuition or Intuition Plus that I think could be changed is making the cartridges a little more afforable. At the present time a set of three cartridges cost the same as the original razor set-up kit which comes complete with one razor and one refill cartridge..