Fired Because Of Myspace – Digital Working At The Social Sites

In the technological age we are living in it, is no surprise to anyone that the main form of communication is based on computers. The Internet has made it easier to communicate back and forth than ever before, and the speed that it allows us to do so has practically put all previous forms of communication at a standstill. With all of this new technology came Web sites that allowed for friends to find each other and create their own Web pages. This allows for even quicker communication and creates a forum for pictures, comments and other information to be shared. The most popular of these are MySpace, YouTube and Facebook.

MySpace is for a variety of ages that allows people to create their own web page which lists favorite bands, movies, books, and television shows. It also allows you to add friends and share pictures. Facebook is more limited. It is for college students only and the only way you can set up an account is by having a valid college email address. This page also allows you to join groups, share pictures, and post comments and messages to people. YouTube varies in the aspect that you post videos of yourself of whatever you wish. It is then viewed by other subscribers and a general audience.

These three pages also bring with them their share of controversy. Here is a hypothetical situation. You have been working at your job for about a year now and, for recreation, you drink or use drugs on the weekend. You posted pictures of this on one of the above websites. You go into work one Monday and you are fired on the spot. You demand an explanation from your boss. He simply replies that some incriminating photographs of yourself participating in actions that were not supported by the company had been brought to his attention and he could no longer support you working under him any longer. For the life of you, you cannot figure out why you were fired. How could your boss even know what you did on the weekends? And even if he did what did that have to do with your performance while you were at work?

These questions are playing over and over in the minds of many young Americans across the United States that have recently been fired. Why? Because thousands of companies across the nation have started to research the actions of their younger employees while they are not on the clock. How? They monitor their on line websites to monitor what they are doing. This seems radical, especially being that everyone is adults and have long since past the years of parental supervision of their actions. But still it is happening.


So does this mean that we should be thinking of work all the time? Absolutely not, but it does mean to watch what you put on line. You never know who could be looking at it. It could be your friends, or your girlfriend, or your boss. And yes, you could lose your job over it.

So next time you go out and party one your day off, remember one thing, don’t post it on line. Your boss could be looking at it the next day. Proper research should be made at online sites to buy cheap instagram likes on the account of the person. The budget will be under the control of the business person for expelling and recruitment of the employees at instagram and Myspace.