Fascinating Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Gift your Husband would Like

Finding a great Valentine’s Day gift for your husband can be challenging. You want it to be thoughtful. You want it to be something that makes him think of you when he uses it. It is also nice if it can be something that he uses more than once – or at least that he can think about and remember fondly for years to come. Watches, magazine subscriptions, home brewing kits, music players and massage oils all make thoughtful, memorable gifts. Buying some useful but cheap corporate gifts Singapore is also great if your husband is an office employee or an executive. 

Watches: A watch can be a very nice gift that is available at pretty much any price point. If you want to spend less than ten dollars it is pretty easy to find a watch for that price. If you want to spend more – the sky is the limit. A watch can easily be made even more personal (and romantic) by having it engraved. Bestqualitywatches.com is a convenient website that sells a wide variety of timepiece brands. For engraving details check with your local jewelry store. 

Magazine Subscriptions: A magazine subscription – while not the most romantic gift – makes a thoughtful gift that keeps giving all year long. You can find magazines about whatever topic your husband likes. Magazines.com makes it easy to find magazine subscriptions in a wide range of prices and about pretty much any topic. Subscriptions are available from under ten dollars up to a high end of over one hundred dollars – depending on his interests and how much you choose to spend. 

Mr. Beer Home Brewing Kit: Home brewing kits can make an enjoyable hobby if your husband likes beer. They make a great gift because they are both something to use and something to do. Another benefit – they can keep on giving indefinitely simply by adding refill kits. Any kind of beer can be brewed with these home micro-brewing kits. Home brewing kits are available from mrbeer.com from $39.95 (plus shipping) to $99.95 (shipping included). They also sell accessories and refill kits through the site. 

IPod: An iPod and a pre-paid card for downloading music (or a basic MP3 player if a lower price is desired) is a great gift that is both personal and keeps on giving. He can load it with his favorite music and will get hours and hours of enjoyment from it. Wal-Mart is one of many stores that carry them (either online or in the store. Online they are available from around $50 for the iPod Shuffle to up around $400 for the iPod Touch. The iTunes cards for loading the music are available online from $15 to $50. 

Massage oils: Make Valentine’s Day really special, memorable, and romantic this year. Massage oils (complete with massage) make a wonderful gift. Mountainroseherbs.com has a lovely gift boxed sampler set available for $14.00 plus shipping costs. Massage oils would be an excellent gift either alone or as part of a gift basket. If you decide to put massage oils in a gift basket you could print out certificates for a years’ worth of massages or you could add a bottle of your husband’s favorite cologne. You could put pair massage oils up with pretty much anything you think he would like. 

The real secret to choosing a great Valentine’s gift for your husband is to just pay attention to what he likes and to what will make him feel special.