Exercises for Sagging Facial Skin/Muscles

It is possible to restore the youthful look of your face with a few simple exercises. There is no need for plastic surgery; no need to risk damage that cannot be corrected, no need to spend thousands that will simply have to be spent over and over again. Performing the exercises in this article at least once daily will result in a more youthful face and reduced or disappearance of sagging skin.

Without undergoing dangerous surgery, you can diminish sagging skin and even improve the elasticity by taking a few minutes daily at different intervals and exercising your face. If you perform these simple massages, pushes, rotations and mouth movements, within a few weeks you will begin to notice sags diminishing and your skin becoming more toned. Some women have been able to obtain a renewed glow to their skin tone.

Recently I went to a class reunion meeting. Classmates met to discuss the desire to have a class reunion and to strategize. There were at least twenty people in attendance. I graduated with the class of 1971.

When I walked up to meet everyone, I was extremely excited to reconnect with members of my class I had not seen since 1971. To my surprise, however, one of the first people I hugged asked me if I was a member of the class of 2000. I was elated. I know I have been working hard to maintain the youthful appearance of my younger years by praying, fasting, eating healthy and when I have the energy, exercising.

After reconnecting and greeting everyone else who attended, I began to see the results of life on the faces of everyone. Some of my classmates looked older than their years. Some looked exactly the age they were. Only one other classmate looked younger than our 56 years.

Of course, life and its trials will wear on all of us. However, I am a living witness to the success rate of putting God first and then diligently exercising. Before going under the knife to enhance your appearance, try these tips for a few months. With prayer, fasting and diligence, they will pay off.

Exercises To Decrease Sagging Skin and Tone Facial Muscles: Jaw Tightening

Stand in front of your Cheval mirror (any full-length mirror will do as long as you are standing and can see the movement of your head and neck). Lift your arms above your head. While lifting your arms, move your head up and down tightening the mouth with each lift. To make sure you are performing this exercise correctly, take your hands and feel the muscles under your chin as they tighten with each lift. Perform this exercise at least ten minutes daily. The more you perform it, the tighter your chin muscles become.

Exercises To Decrease Sagging Skin and Tone Facial Muscles: Move Head From Side To Side

Stand in front of your full-length mirror. Breathe in, breathe out. Begin moving your head from side to side. While moving your head make sure you are stretching your neck to obtain maximum muscle tone. To guarantee you are performing this exercise correctly, with each stretch, line your chin up with your shoulder, lift and point your chin towards the edge of your shoulder. You will feel the pull of your neck and facial muscles as they strengthen. Not only does this help your face, it will also begin to redefine and strengthen your bust.

Exercises To Decrease Sagging Skin and Tone Facial Muscles: Mouth Tightening

A few years back, QVC offered a little device to place in your mouth. The device was used to tone facial muscles by tightening the mouth and muscles around the mouth. You can perform this same exercise without purchasing anything. Close your eyes and tighten your lips while pressing them tightly against your teeth. Perform this exercise several times for about ten minutes daily.

Exercises To Decrease Sagging Skin and Tone Facial Muscles: Thumb and Forefinger Brace

Another device recently shown on television was placed under the chin. To gain maximum results from this device, you would push your chin against the device. The resistance felt from the push would help to diminish sagging skin, double chins and strengthen facial muscles. Perform this same exercise by taking your forefinger and your thumb and placing the thumb at the swallow zone of your neck. Place your forefinger directly under your chin. have at least a three inch stretch between the two fingers. Push as hard as you can against the forefinger with your chin without moving the two fingers for a second or two then release. By repeating this exercise several times, you will see amazing results in minimal time. I began to see results after a few days.

There are many methods of exercising that can be performed daily to help tighten and strengthen your facial muscles. It’s no secret. It can seem as though it is something some women just are blessed with, However, you can be blessed also and begin to restore the years off your face, the trials of life have removed.

Some women look years younger than their age. Recently I have been told I look 33. I am 56. By trial and error, you can determine the exercises or even find new facial exercises that are most effective for you.

NOTE: Before beginning any exercise program, consult with your physicians. Some individuals may have injuries to their neck that may prevent them from being able to perform facial exercises.

Plastic surgery is of different types and if you want just one part changed then, for example, rhinoplasty is surgery to reshape the nose. Same holds true for others.