Essential Things Beginners Must Know About Rise Of Kingdoms

“Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade” is an epic real-time strategy game available for mobile. It features fantastic gameplay, cool characters, as well as a massive yet fabulous world. Although these make ROK truly fascinating, it also make the game complex enough for beginners. That is why newbies must learn about the game and its world first, or read guides shared by today.

But what are the essential things beginners must remember before playing ROK?

Most Important Elements in the Rise of Kingdoms you must know

To keep yourself on the right track in the Rise of Kingdom world, here are few important points to remember:

  • Main Objectives and Gameplay

In a nutshell, you’re a governor in a nation, and you must build and run your nation properly. You must economically sustain it, while boosting military strength to fight enemies. Resources, commanders and your own strategies would make that possible.

  • In-Game Resources

There are many resources available in the game. Think of wood, stone and food as basic example of resources your people cannot live without. For example, you need stones for buildings, while wood for villages and for archery sets. Food is self-explanatory as your people needs nourishment as well.

Now, you can get these items from resource areas, as well as from opponents after battle. For example, you can get wood from lumber and stone from quarries. Your troops can get resources from opponent nations as well.

Lastly, there’s gem. It’s a special resource to speed up your training or use for VIP purposes. And you can get these gems from completing certain tasks.

  • Civilizations or Nations

In ROK, beginners must choose from 11 civilizations available. Options include Rome, Germany, France, Japan and China among many other nations. Now, each of these civilizations come with skill bonuses such as 5% group march speed, 5% resource gathering skills, 10% gold gathering skills and 5% healing among other specialties. You can see such bonuses upon checking the list of civilizations in ROK guides.

Such bonuses indicates each civilization specialize on certain aspects over others. Although, it’s not a huge difference of advantage, it’s helpful in determining the main strategies applicable for a civilization. Meaning, it’s essential to choose the right one which favors your gaming strategy.

  • Commanders

Each commanders in ROK has a set of four skills, and they can specialize on any three of it depending on your choice. Skills includes defender, archer, support or healer, disabler, leader, nuker, jungler and gatherer among other capabilities. So, each commander also possess unique traits than the rest, and they are suitable for specified strategies.

When you begin, the civilization you choose already has one starter commander. But you can unlock more as you progress in the game. And to specialize on certain skills, you can train commanders properly.

Then, you can designate them to certain task. Some are best in the battle field such as the disabler, archer and support, whereas others are best to protect and keep the civilization progressing such as the defender and gatherer.

  • Troops

You must prepare your troops to go to war properly. Be sure to train them enough, and designate the right commanders to rule them. You can select one primary commander and few secondary commanders. A primary commander, however, should have more than 3-stars, whereas secondary commanders can have any number of stars.

Once ready, you can use barbarians to search for enemies. After which, order your troop to march towards certain destination for battle. Alternatively, you can also go on expedition mode, wherein you must complete certain missions for more stars.

  • Gems

Gems are the primary currency in the game, and they’re the most valuable resource as well. You can use gems to boost troop production, get upgrades or upgrade to VIP level.

To acquire gems, you can buy them using actual money. Alternatively, it’s possible to search for piles of gems in the game by ordering your troops towards certain destination. Moreover, free gems are available when you complete specific quests and join alliances as well.

These are only the basic things you must know before playing Rise of Kingdoms today. Be sure to check out intensive guides for more information, so you won’t end up in large defeats soon after starting. Enjoy!