Does PC Gaming Have Hope In 2020?

Is computer gaming actually dying? Well, it has long been said that PC gaming might not last long. But does that hold ground? There is no denying of the fact that modern gaming mediums like gaming consoles or smartphones are dominating the gaming world big time today. But again, that doesn’t mean PC gaming has lost out on its sheen altogether. Put simply, PC gaming is still a favorite among a huge bunch of players, especially those from the 80’s or 90’s. 

In fact, PC gaming shows a bright future as of 2020. Leading gaming companies such as Epic Games are launching exclusives for the PC gamers. Had there been no market for PC games, why would a renowned name like Epic Games would launch exclusives specifically for PC players. As per market experts (in favor of PC gaming), PC isn’t an afterthought today in the gaming world as it was in the wake of new millennium. Interestingly, many Nippon console games are launching PC versions. Some of the classic games like tic tac toe or connect four online are coming to PC versions. Then, indie games usually target PC gamers first. Besides, Microsoft itself has declared that Windows 10 is a fine extension of Xbox business.

A major reason why PC gaming is still favored is that a lot of PC games are highly economical or even completely free for play. Some of the great examples here are Path of Exile, Apex Legends, Warframe. Additionally, there are some amazing promotions for PC gamers such as free weekends. GOG giveaways and so on that make your hardware investments worth your bucks. With PC gaming, just 100 USD a year on games is enough to be a happy gamer. 

Here is a brief on why PC gaming still holds ground despite the popularity of mobile or console gaming.

Mobile gaming

It’s more of a casual style of gaming. It’s true that almost every game online has its mobile version today. But, people mostly take to mobile gaming when they need some entertainment on-the-go. In other words, mobile gaming isn’t always the option when one wants to play games seriously for hours. 

Console gaming

This is a somewhat streamlined foray into serious gaming. The gaming consoles are mostly for those who wish to play great games with all their solid audio effects yet don’t want the hassle of hardware or configuration. Games are usually optimized for respective consoles and not all consoles support every kind of game. But the, yes, console gaming seems to be more comfortable compared to playing games on mobile. You can upgrade or change parts in gaming console like the way you can in gaming PC. However, console gaming is predicted to die down before mobile and PC gaming. 

PC gaming

Ever since the inception, PC gaming has assured better opportunities of configuration, customization as well as graphical fidelity. 

Those who are not exactly in favor of PC gaming might point out hardware costs here. There is no denying of the fact that gaming hardware rakes up your budget. But when you compare the costs with current advanced consoles and cutting-edge smartphones, gaming hardware actually seems more economical. You would need no more than $500 to arrange a standard gaming PC. On the other hand, most of the new smartphones today demand much more than $500.

Additionally, you will save bucks with PC games. How? Well, you will always find more numbers of offers, discounts and deals for PC games compared to console and mobile games. As the competition is low in PC gaming, gamers get more affordable deals. But, the console gaming world features cut-throat competition which spikes up the prices big time.

And yes, with majority of console games, players need to sign up for monthly subscription for playing the games online. You don’t have such hassles with PC gaming. 

Then, PC gaming assures backward compatibility for everything. You will be able to play old PC numbers as well as console games with the help of emulators. To make things more authentic, you may take to a USB joypad. 

Another point where PC gaming beats console and mobile gaming is in its ability to accommodate new games. With mobile gaming, if your mobile OS version is not compatible with the new games, you will have to get a new mobile. It’s the same with gaming consoles. Old consoles are not suitable for new console games. So, if you have to play new console numbers, you will have to invest in a new box altogether. But, there is no such hassle with PC gaming. You would only need to upgrade some parts of your old PC to accommodate new games. 

There are certain timeless things that always stand the test of time. PC gaming is one of the brightest examples of that.