Dart And Dartboards: A Brief Overview

Midst the hustle-bustle of life, we all need time to relax and refresh. Since times immemorial, games and sports have fulfilled the entertainment and engagement gap.

One such game is DARTS. In this game, small missiles are aimed at the circular target fixed to a wall. The structure of the game is common to many board games, “Darts” is the term used to refer to the standardized game involving a specific type of board and set of rules.

How do you play the game? What does this game involve? How does it benefit? Don’t know much about the game but want to play? If you’re answering yes, this is the article for you.

  1. Darts: What exactly is it?

It is an indoor board target game, and it is played by throwing feathered darts at a circular board with numbered faces. It was introduced in the 19th century but gained momentum in the 20th. It is often used as a means to ameliorate concentration and increase focus.

  1. It’s Structure

The game consists of a board, commonly made of bristle, and feathered darts. Each player is given a set of 3 weighted darts. The Darts are mainly imported from France as they specialize in its production and are usually made up of brass. Thus, the game consists of a board and darts.

  1. Equipments and their specifications

According to the Darts Regulation Authority, a board should ideally be 451 mm in diameter and is divided into 20 radical sections. Each section is separated from the other by a wire. Best dartboards are adjudged by the quality and thickness of the wire used. It is recommended to use thin wires as they’ll pacify the chances of the dart hitting the board and bouncing.

Modern darts have four parts

  • The Points
  • The Barrels
  • The Shafts
  • The Flights

The points vary in their length ranging from 32mm to 41mm. Other parts are designed in a way such that the grip is convenient, and the chances of bouncing back are nominal or next to zilch.

  1. Bought all but don’t know how to play?

The board is placed so that the middle of the bullseye is 1.73m above the ground. Players should stand behind a line called Oche. There are different types of games played in Darts.

The most popular ones are 501 and 301.

  • 501

This is the simplest of all types. Each player starts with a score of 501. Thereby, a player is given to throwingthree darts. On each turn, the score is deducted from the total score according to the ring dart is thrown at. For example, if the dart is thrown at the bullseye, a score of 50 would be deducted. The player who makes the score down to zero is the one who wins. What if the score goes below zero? The score busts then, and the score returns to what it was before the turn. Thus, it’s a zero, or you’re in the game again.

301 is played in the exactly same way just that the players start with a score of 301 instead of 501.

That was all about how to go around this game, but it is also necessary to select the most apt board facilitating the most convenient play.

Electronic or traditional, with soft plastic or steel made, there are a plethora of dartboards available, to get the best one, you need to work a lot.

  • Types of Dartboards in the market

There are two types of dartboards available. Firstly, the soft tip plastic board, also known as electronic dartboards. To know the best ones, you need to check this link after reading the article,

The other variant is Steel Board Dartboards, also known as the traditional ones. To know the best ones, tap on https://blog.decathlon.in/articles/how-to-choose-a-dartboard.

  • Electronic dartboards

Electronic dartboards are much more convenient and fast-paced when compared to traditional ones. Under this, you come in direct touch with the board, and the scores are technologically calculated. These are safer and more comfortable to play with family.

They include 4 screens, which allow you to keep a track of your score while competing with others and not having to wait for your turn instead.

 Best Electronic Dartboards available are :

  1. Viper 777 Electronic Board

It comes coupled with one of the best LCDs available in the market. It also comes with backlighting, which makes the screen easy to read and bright.

The sound quality is excellent and is provided in 2 languages- English and Spanish.

  1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

This is a preferably go-to for all the professional players out there. It is specifically designed for the competitive stage, comes with unique sound effects and a 3-level heckler feature. What also makes it the best is the 4 level cross-player which allows 8 people to play and compete

  1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 750

It’s a unique style, and design helps it to become the centerpiece in the game room. The 20 segments are divided using a very thin wire, which mitigates the chances for the dart to bounce back.

Also, it is fitted with speakers, which in turn calls out your name when it’s your turn. Therefore you don’t have to sit and count your turn.

  • Traditional Dartboard

Once you are sure of the purpose you are searching for a dartboard for, half your task is already done.

Some of the facets to look into are as follows :

  1. Occasional Accuracy

With scoring section dividerand 42 cm in diameter. It is made from coiled paper and is thinner, thus not that durable. However, it is easy and comfortable to use.

  1. Regular Accuracy

Traditional diameter with scoring section divider.  It is made of bristle and is thicker, which makes it more durable.

  1. Intensive Accuracy

It is more or less similar to Regular Accuracy. What makes it different is the staple-free thin segment divider, which optimizes scoring potential.

These were some of the pointers you could follow while buying a dartboard.