Camping at the Pocono Mountains

Camping at the Pocono Mountains

Camping at the Pocono MountainsCamping in the Pocono Mountains is a fun and inexpensive way to vacation. The Poconos contains large tracks of undeveloped or state preserved land, seemingly made for hiking. The Appalachian Trail runs through the mountains. Lucky campers may see some of the rarer wildlife like the Bald Eagle or Peregrine Falcon. Birders particularly love the area as many different species thrive during the summer months.


Each year, the weather varies. January and February often have cold spells hitting the single digits. Regular rainfall usually occurs in spring and late fall to early winter. July and August the temperature often reaches the high eighties with occasional days of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


Mosquitoes and ticks are horrible from late spring into summer. They continue to be annoying well into fall.

Camping at the Pocono MountainsUninvited Guests

The Pocono Mountains are home to black bears. Like any location with a large bear population, take precautions with where you place your food.


The poisonous Northern copperhead and eastern timber rattlesnake live in the Pocono Mountains. The poisonous eastern massasauga rattlesnake is less common, but no less deadly. Each of the poisonous snakes possess an indentation on each side of the head.

Camping at the Pocono MountainsSetting up Camp
Plenty of state lands are available to hikers. More traditional campgrounds like Cranberry Run Campground exists for minimal cost complete with recreation area, restrooms and a pool. Cranberry Run Campground sits on 65 acres of mostly undeveloped land.

Cranberry Run Campground
P. O. Box 309
Analomink, Pennsylvania 18320
(570) 421-3811