Best Gift Ideas for Digital Photographers today

Photographers are a particularly hard lot to purchase gifts for. If you aren’t very familiar with your photographer’s camera, then purchasing accessories specifically for their camera can be impossible. Tis goes to Naples photographers along with other photo experts you may know. There are several great photo related gifts you can purchase the photographer n your life that can be enjoyed by every digital photographer from the one with the most expensive camera on the market, to the one with the cheapest. Here are the top photo related gifts for digital photographers.

A Digital Photo Keychain

Not your keychain of the past, a digital photo keychain will allow you to upload pictures from your computer onto the key chain and display them on a small LCD screen. Tired of your current keychain picture? Most of the key chains will hold 50-100 images, so you can change your keychain every day or every hour.

The best part about these photo keychain is the price. At around $30 apiece they are something most anyone can afford. The key chains also eliminate those awkward moments when someone pulls out their wallet and starts flipping through pictures. Digital photo key chains are great for sharing your digital photos with people you meet, or people at work without the hassle of prints or emailing photos.

A Digital Photo Frame

Working under the same principals as the photo keychain a digital photo frame will allow digital photographers to upload their digital pictures and change them as often as they like. The photo frame works under the same principal as those flip book pictures frames form years ago, except now all of the photographs are digital.

There are a variety of different digital photo frames available. You can purchase small photo frame suitable for a desk, or larger ones suitable for wall hanging. The larger the frame, the more expensive the product is in most cases. The frames also require batteries, or a wall outlet to operate.

Subscription to a Photography Magazine

If you have a photography fanatic on your hands then chances are they enjoy reading about digital photography almost as much as they enjoy taking pictures. There are a variety of different digital photography magazines that you can purchase for your photographer. “Popular Photography” is one of my personal favorites. Popular Photography offers buying advice for different cameras and photography equipment, as well as shooting tips that are useful even for advanced photographers.

Photo Editing Software

If your photographer has just starting getting into digital photography then they may still be working with a pretty basic photo-editing program. If they are starting to get serious about their photography, then a great photo editing software package could be a fantastic gift choice. The best of the best in my opinion is Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop offers quite a few features that ca make photo editing a snap, and can be great for basic photo editing as well as very advanced photo editing.

A Photo Printer

Most people can print out digital photographs on their typical everyday all-n-one printer. Those printers however are no good for printing out high quality film quality prints of your digital photographs. If someone is getting serious about digital photography, then it can be good to purchase a photo printer that is dedicated solely to photo printing, and has an extremely high resolution. To buy something like this you need to visit your local photography store, not the electronics store. The best types of photo printers are ones that will have individual ink cartridges for each type of ink. With those types of printer you get truer colors, and are not forced to buy a whole new ink cartridge when you run out of a single color.