Adventures In The Wilderness- Survival Without Survival Gear

Travelling and adventures are a part of the parcel when it comes to today’s youngsters and the youth in general, irrespective of the generation they belong to. Right from olden times, people who are very adventurous and rebellious in nature always love to travel from one place to another at a constant and consistent pace.

Let’s face it, who does not want a bit of an adventure in their lives to make it more spicy, advanced, thrilling and infectious, away from the boredom and monotony of home to office and office to home with little to no leisure time and constant struggles.

Just to keep things interesting and going at a steady pace, everyone requires that extra fuel inside them because all have that rebellious, adventurous and outgoing bloke buried deep within, waiting on the tenterhooks to come out but unable to do so due to time constraints thanks to the routine office lifestyle and constant financial pressures from bosses to meet up to their expectations.

This kind of lifestyle is something, especially today’s youngsters, very few would want or desire to have and are more open for a life full of colorful adventures and free of hassles, office, troubles, pressure and stress.

It is good to have to go out for adventurous trips with equally rebellious and happy-go-lucky friends that there’s nothing like it and makes you feel like a free bird always confined to its nest but waiting to spread out its wings and fly high into the sky and, in the process, leave everything behind, be it troubles, worries, tension and other issues.

Only the joy of expressing your freedom remains within you, a joy, that cannot be explained in mere words, a wild happiness, bordering on insane euphoria, of breaking out of the shackles and bondage of life and its difficulties that tend to make you miserable, sad, melancholic and narrow-minded in your approach to it and how to deal with troubles.

However, while everyone may want to go on such trips, they may not be necessarily aware of what lies in store or the dangers that are involved during the trip and many end up losing their lives as a result of such negligence and over confidence, bordering on recklessness.

Therefore, you will need to follow some daily habits like walking, running, climbing and various other exercises to keep yourself fit and be in shape in order to embark on such a journey as these trips are not for the faint hearted.

It is nice to have a bit of confidence and rebellious nature inside you but there is always the need to exercise caution and not get carried away. Bear in mind that while you maybe having friends who are experienced and who will be accompanying you on this journey but you should not be entirely dependent on them for your own welfare and safety.

So, the question that comes up is how to do so? How are you going to manage this trip after careful planning and implementation? Are you ready for the challenges and obstacles that are sure to come your way on this journey? Are you prepared, not only physically but, more importantly, mentally as well on this journey?

Fortunately for the potential, adventurous and rebellious travelers out there, they have a good and reliable option for them in this regard and that is the survival gear that will act as their guide and savior from potential threats and dangers and also to show and lead the way.

Now, what is a survival gear? In simple terms, a survival gear is a gear or a kit of basic necessities like tools, equipments and supplies that are needed on this journey that will help us to deal with and eventually survive life threatening situations meted out by destiny and fate.

It is virtually impossible to take a long distance, adventurous journey without the survival gear accompanying and aiding you all along the way every time you encounter something unpleasant and unwelcome.

What most adventurers desire and plan out for, these days, are making trips out into the wilderness, especially romantic couples, who barely have time to spent together alone and undisturbed in the busy city life and this trip is nothing less than paradise for them

What with the beautiful scenery, high mountains, lush, Greenfield full of colorful flowers, dense forests waiting to be discovered and explored, the wilderness is one of the best locations that is chosen by such travelers.

Now, we come to the question of how do you survive in the wilderness all by yourself and without any survival gear. See, its not entirely an implausible scenario, to survive without your survival gear, but technically you will always need it with you as it always come in handy, quite literally, when you feel tired or when you are stuck somewhere and have no way out on what to do now.

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In conclusion:

 The question of how long you can survive the ordeal all on your own with no one present to help you and no survival gear entirely depends on your willpower, your courage, your intelligence and presence of mind in dealing with issues and the problems you are facing.

Making out safe and sound of the wilderness and live to tell the tale is extremely difficult, if not impossible as many different factors need to be ascertained and can never be satisfactorily answered or agreed universally.