Advantages And Disadvantages Of Insoles For Running Shoes

If you always pain on your foot and other parts of the body due to standing or walking for a long period of time, you no longer have to worry, as there is now a solution to address your problem. Big thanks to orthotics insoles, we can now relieve pain and have comfort with our feet. Insoles are the things you place inside your shoes for you to cut back on the pain you feel on your foot together with the pain you feel in your back, hips and knees. Probably, you may have seen these things at most of the local stores. Insoles have several benefits that could help in different health conditions. However, just like a coin with two sides, insoles have also some advantages and disadvantages. In this article, you will be armed with some of the pros and cons of orthotic insoles for you to have an understanding about this form of treatment.


Treatment for your injury

One of the main benefits that people can get from wearing insoles is the treatment for pain especially in your feet. Most of the doctors would recommend insoles when their patients complain about their nagging feet issues. For more severe problems, doctors would also recommend these orthotic insoles because they have the capability to protect and isolate areas of the foot and at the same time, it provides support to other areas.

Additional Cushioning

Another function of insoles is to give a soft bed for our feet to be cushioned on. These insoles are highly made of materials called foam in order to make them adjust to the foot shape of the users. Moreover, some insoles can be designed specifically to fit the user’s feet. Thus, we can tell that insoles do provide comfort and support to our feet.

Custom Made

One of the best things about insoles is that they are custom made. While not all insoles are quality, custom made ones can be a good relief for a lot of people suffering from foot pain and other foot pain problems. Insoles are just like a new pair of shoes that are perfectly designed for you to match your foot size and thus can give you the right comfort and support.



Despite the good things about insoles, there are also some negative aspects about these devices. One of them is its price. Generally, insoles for running shoes are quite expensive. Since they are custom made and made from quality materials, most of the insoles that you can buy in the market are costly. On the average, insoles can cost up to 800 USD.

Not Long Lasting

Another disadvantage of insoles is that they do not last long. With the insole slides that create friction when running and the sliding of the foot from top and the shoe below, insoles do experience tremendous lateral stress.

Balance of the shoes

Most of the running shoes, in general, are never made to have insoles placed inside of them. Thus, when you place insoles on your running shoes, there is a high tendency that you will feel imbalance on your shoes. This happens most of the time especially when you buy insoles that are not made from quality materials and are not custom made. Hence, instead of the comfort and support it supposed to provide, you can actually experience the opposite.

With these advantages and disadvantages of insoles, you are now aware that it is important to be careful when choosing the right brand for you. To help you out, you can check some of the best insoles from