5 Hoop Earring Styles That Are On Trend This 2019

When it comes to accessories, bags and shoes are always on the run. They always catch the attention of fashion lovers across the globe. Accessories, on the other hand, are being underestimated. But as the time passes by and the world of fashion and accessories are changing, the power of accessories is becoming more evident nowadays. One of the perfect examples of this concept is a hoop earring. More than just a piece of fashion, hoop earrings are considered as the bringer of sophistication, class and elegance.  Mini hoop earrings, specifically, have the ability to project woman’s personality. So if you are interested to know this hot trend, you are in the right place. This article will go through some of the hottest style of hoop earrings this season.

High-Style Hoops

You may already own some pairs of sleek hoops in your accessories collection of earrings that are simple and decent. But gone are the days when your traditional hoops are on the rise. Today, new styles are in. Hence you should try taking a step further. It could be an angular take on the regular hoop or an imperfect circle at Jacquemus, hoops will be more trending in the year 2019.

Un-Subtle Sparkle

If you think that 90’s styles are already out of fashion, you are wrong. 90’s styles of earrings are still on the rise and the modern designers are retrieving and bringing it back with the features and characteristics of a crystal encrusted look. Hence, in the middle of mismatched earrings at the area and the shoulder dusters that you can buy from Gucci, you can definitely tell that the high-sparkle styles are back.

Chain Me Free

Another style that could be still in line with what our fashion industry is promoting is the chain me free statement earrings. This accessory will definitely work well for all women that are interested in a minimalist style. This is because it reflects more daring ensembles for those who wear it. It will also project like a escada showed sleek, show-goers and heavy metals that you can definitely notice like an over the top styles. So if you think that this type of hoop earring style is the best deal for you, statement style earrings will definitely suit your preference.

All Out Art

This season, amazing and captivating sculptural earrings are the trends. This style of hoop earrings can be classified as a higher level of fashion and artistry. Moreover, if you are a woman who loves to wear romantic clothing, then all out of art hoop earrings are the best accessories for you. Moreover, it is advisable that if you want to be an expert in an over the top statement earring, you must be bale to keep the rest of your ensemble simple and yet elegant by allowing the earring stand out on its own.

Off the cuff

Lastly, ear cuff is a type or style of hoop earing that has is becoming more popular nowadays. Today, it is not just for high end fashion, everyone can wear it as long as she can give justice to what it projects.

Overall, these are the trend styles of hoop earrings that you may be interested in. So what are you waiting for?