What Rosie O’Donnell Says Is Not Newsworthy

What is it lately about Rosie making the news so much. Who is she that whatever she seems to comment on recent situation gets deemed headline news? I have to admit, I... Read more »

Ira Glass

Don’t worry, he’s not retiring or sick or anything. In fact, he co-wrote and produced a great new movie, and everybody should go see it. I just wanted to talk about him... Read more »

Antofagasta makes C$96m all-cash Duluth Metals bid

Chilean copper giant Antofagasta will officially become a US copper-nickel miner if a proposed friendly all-cash C$96 million (US$84.63m) deal to acquire all of Toronto’s Duluth Metals is approved by shareholders in... Read more »

Barack Obama Is What We Get When We Don’t Pay Attention

I knew I wouldn’t be voting for Barack Obama when I heard his exchange with Joseph Wurzelbacher when he said: My attitude is that if the economy’s good for folks from the... Read more »